Trailblazers launch campaign for more accessible cinemas

Trailblazers  launched an investigation into the accessibility of the cinema industry today.

In December 2009, we published our Calling Time report. Pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, sports grounds and leisure centres were put under the spotlight as Trailblazers revealed concerns and highlighted ways to overcome barriers to access.

Trailblazers know that going to the cinema is not a physically demanding pastime and disabled people should  be able to enjoy the same experience as their non-disabled friends when watching a film.

Unfortunately, many Trailblazers  campaigners know this is not always the case, and access to the building, seating and viewing can be a challenge and in extreme cases, individuals have been branded fire risks.

We now you to share your good and bad experiences at cinemas by completing a survey that will play an essential part in shaping the project, which will culminate in the production of a documentary put together by Trailblazer campaigners. 

How to get involved:

Visit a cinema, watch some films, complete some surveys, write a blog and get involved in the documentary!


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