30 miles makes all the difference: The unacceptable post code lottery of care.

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign call for man to get care at homeToday I’ve been working on an advocacy case for a 34 year old man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Since coming out of hospital after his recent tracheotomy, his care needs have increased. However he has been told that the NHS will not fund care in his own home- instead forcing him to live in a residential care home 30 miles away.

Living this far away he is removed from his friends, his family and his support network. This is an extremely traumatic time for all involved as his complex physical and emotional needs are not being met. This means that his parents are travelling up to 120 miles a day to provide vital care for their son.

Also 30 miles away is a 36 year old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has recently has had a tracheotomy and requires continuous ventilation. However, his Primary Care Trust is able to provide the care for him to live happily and safely in his adapted family home. He enjoys a private and family life and his independence.  

It is a human right to be assisted to live at home and enjoy a family and private life. To provide care for one and not for the other is a clear breach of equalities legislation.  We are working with the family to highlight this unacceptable post code lottery of care and will call for him to be back with his family as soon as possible.   

Are you having similar problems of simply would like to add your support to this case- post a comment or get in touch with the Campaigns team at Campaigns@muscular-dystrophy.org.


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