Wales Cross Party Group probes specialist care and support provision

I was at the Welsh Assembly yesterday evening as we held our first Cross Party Group on Muscular Dystrophy (CPG) meeting since the Welsh Assembly elections.

The meeting was an opportunity to welcome the new chair of the CPG, Bethan Jenkins, who is an Assembly Member for South Wales West. She acknowledged the leadership of previous chair Dr Dai Lloyd, and welcomed guests to the session, vowing that the CPG would continue to ensure that the recommendations in the Thomas Report are implemented.

We heard from Jan Williams, who is leading the work being undertaken by the NHS in Wales to develop and improve specialist neuromuscular care in Wales.

It was great to see so many of our supporters at the meeting and there were excellent contributions on many aspects of specialist multi-disciplinary care.

Progress has been made in increasing care and support but there is plenty of work to do to address gaps in neuromuscular service provision. We look forward to working with the NHS in Wales to ensure people with neuromuscular conditions see more improvements to services as soon as possible.

Find out more about the session on our website…


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