Our hydrotherapy campaign continues

As part of our ongoing campaign around hydrotherapy, we have asked the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to consider undertaking some research into the benefits of hydrotherapy.  The HTA last looked into this in 2005; which involved studies into lower limb arthritis and osteoporosis. The study about lower limb osteoarthritis concluded there was ‘a significant reduction in pain and improvement in physical function’.
People with muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions continue to rate hydrotherapy as a hugely important intervention; and one that improves mobility and quality of life. One obstacle to improving access seems to be the lack of evidence of the benefits.
Together with Baroness Celia Thomas, we approached both the Kings Fund and the Wellcome Trust to ask about any work they might have done into the benefits, but this proved unsuccessful.
It was only after a recent meeting about hydrotherapy with Health Minister Paul Burstow MP when we learnt about the work of the HTA.
We will know more in October, when the HTA board will discuss whether they might be able to conduct research to ascertain the benefits of hydrotherapy for people with muscle disease.

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