Campaigning in Cumbria

Bobby and I have just finished our first ever Muscle Group and Trailblazers meeting up in Cumbria.  Despite train delays (caused by a lorry getting itself “well and truly stuck” under a bridge) we made it up to Penrith just in time for a great meeting.

We were delighted that Dave Gale – one of our fantastic Trailblazers in the region – joined us to speak about their campaigns, including the campaign for accessible transport services in Cumbria.  Dave and fellow Trailblazer Carrie-Ann, recently had a very successful meeting with Cumbria County Council who will now be updating their timetables to include better information about which bus routes are accessible.  Dave spoke passionately about what inspires him to campaign – his talk was a great reminder of just how effective local campaigning can be.

We also spoke about the lack of access people in the region have to specialist NHS services.  Although there are some excellent services in the North West, these are centred around Manchester and Liverpool which can be difficult to travel to for people living in Cumbria.  There are no neuromuscular care advisors in or near Cumbria and people have to travel to Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle to see specialist doctors.

We’ll keep campaigning in the region to improve services, and today’s meeting was a great start to working with people in Cumbria to do this!


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