SEN parliamentary question answered

In a number of previous blogs I have discussed the changes that Government is trying to implement regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN). In an attempt to find out more about these reforms the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign requested that our MP supporters ask a parliamentary question: Crawley MP, Henry Smith, who has attended a Muscle Group … Continue reading

Free Schools: Implications for Special Educational Needs

With all the controversy surrounding the Health and Social Care Bill  it is hard to remember the over arching changes that the coalition government has made to Education. The major reform in the education system has been the introduction of the free schools policy. According to the Department of Education Free Schools are all-ability state-funded … Continue reading


Yesterday Claire, Bobby and I braved the arctic conditions to attend Treloar College’s annual transition day. The event, dubbed Futurefest, was an opportunity to meet students, staff and parents and discuss how we could assist them in making the transition from school into the big wide world. The school was a hive of activity with … Continue reading