Specialised services not mentioned in Health Bill debate

The Health and Social Care Bill was debated in the House of Commons yesterday at the “Second Reading” stage but the plans for specialised commissioning were not mentioned by the Government. Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley MP, outlined proposals to improve health care across the country and said the Government would focus on … Continue reading

Health Bill debate in Parliament this afternoon…

The Health and Social Care Bill will be debated in the House of Commons this afternoon from 3.30pm. This is the first opportunity that MPs will have to debate the Government’s proposals for NHS reform. We will be following the debate and tweeting on key developments – join us on Twitter from 3.30pm. Read the … Continue reading

Need for NHS reforms questioned

Chief Economist on Health Policy at the King’s Fund, Professor John Appleby, has questioned the need for the Government’s NHS reforms in a British Medical Journal article, citing statistical comparisons, which the Government has drawn with other countries, as ‘not straightforward’. Responding to Professor Appleby’s claims, Health Minister Earl Howe has defended the research and … Continue reading