Making breathing easier – a visit to Royal Brompton’s respiratory clinic

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Royal Brompton hospital to attend Anita Simonds’ respiratory clinic for children with neuromuscular conditions. Respiratory issues – such as recurrent chest infections – affect lots of people with neuromuscular conditions but are most common in children with more severe conditions such as Duchenne or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). These … Continue reading

Working with Great Ormond Street to improve services

Following on from the Ombudsman’s report, published last year, into the tragic death of Arvind Jain, we have been working closely with the Jain family and Great Ormond Street Hospital as they bring in measures to improve the service they provide to people with a neuromuscular condition. We went with the Jain family to meet … Continue reading

The Equality Act and the Right to Local Care

Travelling long distances to receive care is something we know affects many patients with a neuromuscular condition. The costs associated with this are often large and not met by the benefits an individual may receive. At the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, we continue to work hard to raise national standards of care, so that wherever you … Continue reading