New NHS Structures and Accessible Air travel…Westminster Investigates

Yesterday was a particularly exciting day in Parliament for the campaigns team and kicked off with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Muscular Dystrophy session. The meeting, which was chaired by Dave Anderson MP, involved a panel of experts form the NHS answering questions about new NHS structures which are due to come into place from … Continue reading

Health Minister outlines ‘national standard’ of service provision

Health Minister, Paul Burstow MP, yesterday outlined the impact of direct commissioning of services through the NHS Commissioning Board as part of the plans in the Health and Social Care Act. Mr Burstow, responding to a question tabled by Tom Blenkinsop MP on the delivery of specialised neuromuscular services under the NHS Commissioning Board, said: … Continue reading

Improving care through clinical networks

Yesterday, Nic and I met with Teresa Moss from the National Specialised Commissioning Team to talk about the next steps for planning and delivering services for people with a neuromuscular condition in the new NHS structure. One of the key areas of our discussion was the possibility of establishing more clinical networks for neuromuscular conditions. … Continue reading