Physiotherapists Conference proves a hit

Last Friday I made the short trip, albeit with arms full of MDC publications, to Tower Hill for the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists conference. The two day conference was an opportunity to raise the profile of the charity and improve our links with a group of professionals that have a lot of involvement with … Continue reading

Exciting news from Yorkshire and Humber

Yesterday, Nic, Lyn and I were in Bradford for our latest Yorkshire and Humber Muscle Group meeting. The advocacy themed meeting was well attended and we had some interesting discussions about our new advocacy fact sheets which are due to be launched in April. We focused in particular on the issue of Disabled Facilities Grants, … Continue reading

The Equality Act and the Right to Local Care

Travelling long distances to receive care is something we know affects many patients with a neuromuscular condition. The costs associated with this are often large and not met by the benefits an individual may receive. At the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, we continue to work hard to raise national standards of care, so that wherever you … Continue reading